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Repair Workshop

Welcome to the Repair Workshop portal, a dedicated space designed specifically for technicians assigned with repair orders. Our workshop portal provides an efficient and user-friendly interface, empowering technicians to manage their assigned repair orders effectively. Let's explore the key features of the workshop portal:
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    Assigned Repair Orders: Upon logging into the workshop portal, technicians will have access to a list of repair orders that are assigned to them. This streamlined view ensures that technicians can focus solely on the repair tasks entrusted to them.
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    Order Filtering and Management: Technicians can easily filter and sort the assigned repair orders based on various parameters such as priority, due date, or status. This functionality allows for efficient organization and prioritization of repair tasks, ensuring smooth workflow management.
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    Repair Updates and Customer Feedback: Technicians can update the repair orders directly from the workshop portal. They can provide real-time feedback, progress updates, or additional notes regarding the repairs being performed. This seamless communication ensures transparency and keeps customers informed throughout the repair process.
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    Streamlined Workflow: The workshop portal is designed to streamline the repair workflow, enabling technicians to efficiently handle repair tasks. By having a dedicated workspace focused on their assigned repair orders, technicians can optimize their time and resources, ensuring the timely completion of repairs.
The Repair Workshop portal is built with the specific needs of technicians in mind, providing them with a user-friendly interface and powerful tools to manage assigned repair orders effectively. With its intuitive design and seamless communication capabilities, technicians can provide prompt updates and exceptional service to customers.
When the admin assigns a repair order to a specific technician to fix physical issues. The technician can log in to the workshop portal looks like below.
Repair orders that were assigned to the logged-in technician, The repair orders can be filtered and managed.
Updating repair orders with repair or feedback to customers.