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Introducing our Repair Statuses feature, a valuable tool designed to provide clear and timely updates to customers regarding the current stage of their repair. With Repair Statuses, you can effectively communicate the progress and status of each repair, ensuring transparency and customer satisfaction. Let's explore the key functionalities of our Repair Statuses feature:
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    Clear Communication: Our feature enables you to define and assign specific repair statuses to each repair order, allowing for easy tracking and communication with customers. Each status represents a distinct stage of the repair process, ensuring that customers have a clear understanding of where their repair stands.
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    Timely Updates: With Repair Statuses, you can provide timely updates to customers regarding the progress of their repair. Whether it's "In Progress," "Awaiting Parts," "Under Review," or any other stage, you can inform customers about the current status, giving them peace of mind and reducing the need for frequent inquiries.
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    Customizable Statuses: Our system allows you to customize the repair statuses to align with your repair workflow and terminology. You can create statuses that are specific to your business and reflect the stages that are most relevant to your repair process. This customization ensures that the statuses resonate with both your team and your customers.
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    Improved Customer Experience: By utilizing Repair Statuses, you enhance the overall customer experience by keeping customers informed and engaged throughout the repair journey. Customers appreciate knowing the current stage of their repair, which fosters transparency, trust, and confidence in your repair services.
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