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Repairable Devices

Introducing our Repairable Devices feature, a powerful tool designed to streamline the management of devices and their associated repairable defects. With this innovative functionality, you can effortlessly handle device information, assign them to specific brands, define repairable defects, and efficiently manage your entire device catalog. Let's delve into the key functionalities of our Repairable Devices:
  1. 1.
    Seamless Brand and Device Association: Every device in your repair ecosystem is intelligently linked to a specific brand, allowing for organized categorization and easy navigation. By associating devices with their respective brands, you can swiftly locate and access specific devices during the repair process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  2. 2.
    Comprehensive Repairable Defect Management: Each device may exhibit various repairable defects or issues that need to be addressed by technicians. Our feature empowers you to define and manage these repairable defects within your device catalog. By categorizing and documenting the defects, technicians can promptly identify and resolve the specific issues associated with each device, ensuring a focused and efficient repair workflow.
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    Flexible Device Information Customization: Our platform provides you with the flexibility to edit and customize device details to align with your unique needs. Effortlessly update device names, assign devices to different brands, and make necessary adjustments to keep your device catalog up to date. This ensures that your device information remains accurate and relevant, empowering technicians with the most current data.
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    Streamlined Catalog Maintenance: As your repair ecosystem evolves, some devices may become obsolete or no longer require repair services. Our system enables you to easily remove such devices from your catalog, ensuring that you maintain a focused and up-to-date inventory of active and relevant devices.
Effortlessly manage your Repairable Devices, associating them with specific brands, defining repairable defects, and customizing device information. Our feature provides a centralized and organized approach to device management, ensuring technicians and administrators have access to accurate data for smooth repair operations
A device belongs to a specific brand and has multiple repairable defects.
The defect is acutely term to call repairable service .i.e "Battery change", "Microphone replace", etc
Create/Add a new device for repair.
  • Choose the brand for the device (i.e Apple)
  • Enter the device name (i.e X MAX)
  • Enter device model (i.e xs-323)
  • Upload an image for that device (optional)
If you don't upload any image for the device while creating, the default image displays which you can replace or change by editing.
Edit/Update repairable device
Delete repairable device.