You must need to optimize your system before updating to the latest version of your existing version is less than 0.4.5 otherwise you may get in trouble. let's read how to optimize it.
If you have a customized version, please don't update your customized features will be lost,
The custom version will not comply with the standard version due to major and high-impact changes, whenever you will update it with the standard version your files will be replaced, and the database as well which could be the cause of getting an error due to not complying, and your custom features will be lost.
For more information please ask at [email protected]
Download the new version and extract it to document the root path end-run URL :
The installer will detect the previous installation, it will bypass installation steps, and redirect to the back or home page after the update process is complete.
Don't forget to clear the browser cache, history, and resources of the old version to reflect changes,
If you get any errors or dig into a problem feel to contact us we will be sure to figure it out.
Click on item support to contact us: