Experience business insights at a glance with our comprehensive dashboard, designed to provide you with real-time information and analytics that drive informed decision-making. The dashboard seamlessly consolidates crucial data from various modules, enabling you to monitor key performance indicators effortlessly. Here's what you can expect from our feature-rich dashboard:

Sales Details: Get a clear overview of your sales performance, including revenue, profits, and customer interactions. Track sales trends over time and identify top-selling products, empowering you to refine your strategies and maximize profitability.

Do you need a version of the product that is customized according to your specific requirements?

We can create a customized version or a PRO version with advanced features. Contact us at

By centralizing critical data on a single dashboard, POS empowers you to make well-informed decisions that drive growth and efficiency. Whether it's assessing sales strategies, managing inventory, or overseeing financial aspects, our dashboard provides the insights you need to navigate your business with confidence.

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