What is the difference between repairbox and repairshop?

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This is quite different from the existing one (i.e. The repair box). please read some features about both applications that make them different from each other,
The Ultimate repair solution (i.e this one)
  • Point of sale system to sell repair shop accessories
  • Products and categories management
  • Buying system from walking customers for resale
  • Collect repair orders (which is quite a different repair box’s booking system) (and it can only be collected at the repair shop)
  • no workshop task handling
The repair box (the existing one) has the following operations
  • Booking from publicly
  • Has multiple Payment processing systems
  • Workshop management system to handle workshop tasks
  • Technician team (anyone can be assigned to perform repairing etc).
  • Repair process logs
  • it has a system to define repairable resources (even can be imported by CSV files)
and the workflow is quite different please read at
these are some features of compression if you think you need to know about it more briefly please feel free to ask at [email protected]